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Here come the changebloggers

I met with Kathrin Ivanovic today at Remedy Tea Bar (nice place, first time there). She’s one of a growing number of self-identified changebloggers. A new label, though not a new practice, changebloggers are “bloggers, podcasters and vloggers who are using their platform to make the world a better place”, according to the Changeblogger Network on Ning. Lots of folks are creating audio or video blogs, podcasts or other self-expressive web 2.0 content. And lots of folks are committed to changing the world. Changebloggers are at the intersection of both (or at least those that are self-identified as such).

In my Venn diagram-craving mind, I see it like this:

Kathrin (whose own blog is Seeking the Cranberry) is working on creating a gathering, probably on November 22, for changebloggers in the Philadelphia area to meet, inspire and learn from one another. Sounds like an interesting group of people with great possibilities for synergy. More to come.

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