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A Purpose-Based Model for Message Dissemination

What does that mean, “A Purpose-Based Model for Message Dissemination”?  And why is it important? I don’t think it was important a generation ago, but it is now. Let’s start with message dissemination.  In this context, message refers to any “unit” of self-expression — from a simple facial gesture to a book or opera, or… Continue reading A Purpose-Based Model for Message Dissemination

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Libraries facilitating self expression

I’m frustrated by the seeming lack of commitment of libraries (especially community-anchored public libraries) to their role in facilitating patrons’ ability to speak. Librarians entusiastically rally ’round the flag of “Intellectual Freedom“, but they think of it almost entirely in terms of defending patrons’ right to read stuff written by others. All very well and… Continue reading Libraries facilitating self expression