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Reflections on a “Biblio-Social Experiment”

(cross-posted from phillynetsquared.org) On our last Net Tuesday (December 1), we held the Philly Net Tuesday Book UNclub at Robin’s Bookstore.  The idea was pretty straightforward… We would discuss books in Net Tuesday’s scope of interest: social networking/media, nonprofit technology and social change.  (That’s the “biblio” part.)  And we would use the style of an… Continue reading Reflections on a “Biblio-Social Experiment”

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Using social networks for social change: a slideshow

Ivan Boothe has put together a very nicely done slideshow (with voiceover) on using social networks for social change. In this very young field, Ivan is a veteran. He co-founded the Genocide Intervention Network, which has used social networks very successfully to engage members. He is currently the Creative Director of Rootwork, as well as… Continue reading Using social networks for social change: a slideshow