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A Purpose-Based Model of Message Dissemination
2014/10/31 (Friday) | Filed under: Dissemination Station,ideas

Self-expression, by its nature, originates with a single person, and may be directed privately to another individual or group. Or, it may be expressed publicly, to be “received” by people whom the originator does not know . This sort “message dissemination” has been happening for a long time (think cave paintings). Developments in the last [...]


Brands Transformed into Self-Expression
2014/10/13 (Monday) | Filed under: Dissemination Station

When I attended Penn State in the last ’70′s, my parents bought me a school jacket.  It was a standard-issue, dark blue wool jacket with PENN STATE printed boldly in white block letters across the back.  I liked (and needed) the jacket for its warmth, but I really didn’t like having PENN STATE plastered across [...]


Folks just want to share what they know
2009/8/23 (Sunday) | Filed under: Dissemination Station,dt=event

My wife is taking some classes at Beadfest, an annual gathering of people interested in making beaded jewelry. And it made me think of the Origami convention that a friend of mine goes to every year. (I’ve remarked on this convention before because of that event’s use of labels that attendees can wear, indicating either [...]


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